Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 12: Kamloops, B.C., to Jasper, A.B.

Day 12
Sleeping in Kamloops was a bit of a hassle. We woke up especially early because it was so cold outside and we did not expect it. I was shivering in my sleeping bag all night. Andrew got the fire started quickly, which was good and we just sat by that for a while and warmed up. Then after a little driving we reached this awesome little ski town called Jasper. This place was amazing, probably the most scenic place that we have been. At first when we showed up, we were a little ticked off because we had to pay $40 just to stay there for 2 days, which didn’t even include camping. We stopped off in the ski town to get some lunch. We stopped at A and W and got some burgers which I think was the first time that we actually stopped off and got fast food so good for us. But about the park, the most amazing thing that we saw was the water. The water looked so calm that it looked like a thin piece of glass, it was awesome. The whole park is just amazing, there was just so much to see between the water and all of the trees that surrounds you. After sight seeing, we went down closer to another part of the water, which was the river and we just kind of played around there for a little bit. We threw rocks in river, which was pretty fun. That is what we do for fun on the trip, we throw rocks. After this we went to go find a trail, we saw one that had a couple of cars parked around it so we decided to go up that one. We got all of our stuff ready to go and headed up. As we were walking, we were joined by two other guys who were going up the trail to rock climb. They were avid rock climbers and they said they loved the park. After that we found a little campsite, which was really cool. We set up camp and then had some ramen, yum. At this point, eating dinner just doesn’t even matter anymore, it’s just always ramen. Then we had desert. Andrew set up this little rock over the fire and it was like a little stove and we made quesadillas with peanut butter and nutella, it was really good. The night was a really nice night. I love the mountains because when your camping there and it gets dark, it is completely quiet. The whole day and night was amazing. Two thumbs up Jasper.


-Photographer’s note: there’s no photoshop hanky panky in these photos–the sky is mindblowingly blue out here, sort of a deep indigo.

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