Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 6: Portland, OR to Olympic National Park, WA

Day 6
Getting off that airplane felt awesome. I was about to go on an incredible adventure and I was excited. This was my first day on the trip and you could imagine how excited I was. I was the lucky one who had to stay home for the 6 days but it wasn’t too bad. The two drove up in the airport pickup area and I waved them down. You should have seen this car. Dirt was everywhere I couldn’t believe it. They are both not wearing shirts which was pretty gay and they look around to put something on so that they look presentable. I was just excited to get going but we couldn’t till we cleaned out the car. There was crap everywhere I actually wasn’t upset I was quite impressed. I wanted to here all about what they have done. We finally clean up the car and we are off going to this little coffee shop called Zoka. From what I here, this coffee shop was top notch. They have had baristas win national championships in coffee making or what ever they do. I’m not a huge coffee fanatic like the other two but what ever, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about anyway. We go into this place and it is a really nice coffee shop. The latte that I had tasted like any other latte that I’ve had, but it had a good atmosphere which I liked a lot. I got caught up with all the stuff that has happened on the trip and I was kind of bummed I had to miss it, like the whole rattle snake incident, that was funny. We then leave the place and at this point I’m just really happy to be on it. We start driving and we get a little lost, no big deal, and then we drive by the city. The city looked awesome, I was sort of upset I didn’t really get to see it but we were on a mission. We drive for hours when we come to a bridge that we have to cross in order to get to our camp ground. We then find out that the bridge that we had to cross was of course blocked off. We were all mad and we just had to go back the way we came and find an alternative route. At this point I had no idea where we were going until Andrew takes out the map and asks me to read out the name of this big green area. It said Olympic national park. I was so excited because this was the one place that I wanted to go and I thought I was going to miss. I was supper excited yet also sort of nervous because this was my first camping trip and I had no idea what to expect. So we are traveling up this dirt road to get to our camp ground and it is a long drive up to our destination. We finally reach a trail and then park our cars and get ready. We get the bags and the food all ready to go and head out. The trees in this place were fantastic. This is supposed to be the only rain forest in the united states and the trees were just huge. We set up camp and made a fire and I was really tired, it could have been from jet lag but whatever. I was sitting at the campfire literally falling asleep on my hand. It was a pretty sweet first day.



  1. Wow Dave you are really good at writing...


  2. nice Dave glad to "here" you're having fun

  3. O and also you can't get jet lag from flying three hours...