Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 9: Victoria, B.C.

Day 9
In Victoria, probably my favorite place on the trip. This place is so perfect and we are getting treated like kings. The weather was perfect and most everything was taken care of for us. Matt’s Grandmother was unbelievable to us, we were spoiled. On day 9 it was about to get better. We wake up to here “were going on a boat ride today.” This was great. We got cooked a Hungarian breakfast which had these vegetables and sausages, it was awesome. Then off to the boat. This boat was a yacht. If you have ever seen the Saturday Night Live digital short with t pain where they are on a boat, that is pretty much how we felt. We got to see a lot of the bay from the boat including my favorite, seals. These seals were hilarious. As soon as we passed by, Wayne (the owner of the boat) honked the horn and at the same time you see all these seals poke their heads up. It was quite funny. Then we got treated again with lunch at one of the lunch places right on the water, it was delicious. Then we caught a glimpse of these jellyfishes that were actually pretty big, we got pictures of the epic event. The boat ride was extra fun. When we got back at the condo, we just chilled working on the blog, making some hemp. Later, We did get treated again to another dinner in town though. It was this awesome Chinese restaurant. The food was great. We were joking the whole night about the boot on the car that we got the last day because Matt’s grandmother was having trouble finding a free parking spot. That was so upsetting when we got the boot.


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